Patrolling Cyberspace

Howard A. Schmidt

Larstan Publishing, 2006


This book by the late Howard Schmidt provides a great background read on the beginnings of cybercrime law enforcement. Mr. Schmidt was there in the early days of network malware, 1995-2000; for the creation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; the creation of the discipline of digital forensics; and the continuing trend toward internationalization of cybercrime. He ends on optimistic notes, except for the growing risk of identity impersonation.

About the Book Reviewer

Frederick Scholl

Frederick Scholl is an accomplished Global Senior Information Security Risk Manager. Dr. Scholl earned a BS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. In 1991, Fred founded Monarch Information Networks, LLC to enable forward-thinking organizations to protect their information. Previously, he co-founded Codenoll Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: CODN). He chaired the IEEE committee that wrote the first standard for Ethernet communication over fiber optic links, now used world-wide.