Expert Services

Technology Reviews, Litigation Testimony, Intellectual Property Evaluation and Other Analyses Involving Business, Law and Cybersecurity

Extensive Experience

Dr. Frederick Scholl has broad and deep experience in multiple fields including: 

Data Communications technology

Cybersecurity Risk Management

Start-up Businesses

Intellectual Property


1:1 Confidential Advisory Services

Technology reviews, litigation testimony support, intellectual property evaluations

Adding Value

Areas where these skills add value include: 

  • Patent Evaluation

    We provide comprehensive assessments and insights on patent viability, ensuring its uniqueness and potential value in the market.

  • Technology investment due diligence

    We deliver meticulous evaluations and analyses of technology investments to ensure their viability and potential return on investment.

  • Litigation matters, including state and federal court

    We offer expert support and consultation for litigation cases across both state and federal jurisdictions, ensuring robust representation and understanding of legal nuances.

  • Board cybersecurity due diligence under new requirements

    If you are looking for expert guidance on the latest cybersecurity due diligence standards for board members, we ensure thorough understanding and compliance with new mandates.

  • Contract disputes

    We have provided consulting and testimony related to Internet service level agreement disputes and outsourcing agreements.

  • Liability insurance regarding defective software

    Clients turn to us for expert advice and consultation on matters of liability insurance related to software defects, ensuring they're adequately protected and informed.

  • Internet trespass

    Clients approach us for guidance on issues of Internet trespass, and we help ensure they're equipped with strategies to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard their digital assets.

  • Network security device patent

    Clients engage with us for specialized knowledge on patents related to network security devices, ensuring their innovations are well-protected and aligned with industry standards.

  • Network technology

    We have provided advice and litigation support related to Ethernet component, KVM switches, optical fiber connectors and network security devices.

  • E-Commerce

    We have provided expert services related to Internet shopping and web-site trespass


Extensive Experience

Contact Dr. Frederick Scholl with assistance in the following areas including: 

Litigation support matters

Trade secret theft

Security best practices and CISO responsibility

LED patent

Internet cookies

Check processing

Internet trespass

Liability insurance

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Technology Evaluations

Previous matters include: 

Evaluation of novelty of blockchain based security technology

M&A advisory services regarding face recognition technology transaction

More than 20 litigation engagements, including testimony in state and federal court


Expert:  According to Wikipedia:

An expert is somebody who has a broad and deep understanding and competence in terms of knowledge, skill and experience through practice and education in a particular field. 

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We use techniques including Obashi and TBM (Technology Business Management)


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